Teal Sponsor Createive Spaces Remodeling

We are so grateful for Creative Spaces Remodeling as they are joining the Stef Ripple race as our Teal Sponsor for the second year in a row.

Our hearts were full when they approached us at the end of last year’s race and committed to being the Teal Sponsor again for this year. What an amazing feeling that was to know that they trust us with such an important responsibility of supporting ovarian cancer patients and their families.

Trust and commitment is such an important virtue to Stef Ripple, which is why we are so confident that Creative Spaces Remodeling is the perfect fit for all your home remodeling needs. “Designing a home remodel with an addition, an additional story, or a custom home should be exciting and fun for a client” says John Johnson, founder and owner. His proven 10-Step program removes any uncertainly and stress by delivering smart designs, quality craftsmanship and superior communication.

Creative Spaces Remodeling prides itself on being one of the very few remodeling companies in the area that are a Design/Build Firm. Their philosophy is that by having all the design and construction under one roof ensures that you will have the best outcome. They specialize in waterfront property construction and remodel. Although similar to an inland construction there are quite a few restrictions and considerations before you begin your project. Creative Spaces Remodeling will walk you through each step to ensure the best outcome.

What can Creative Spaces Remodeling help you with? For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit the website, remodelthebay.com.