Biopsies completed and analyzed from 1/24.  3 total spots – all surface areas.  2 were cancerous, 1 was not (how about that scar tissue!).

Trametinib wasn’t the solution we had hoped it would be.  The same discomfort that Stef had been feeling in November resumed the last few weeks, to the point where it was quite unbearable leading up to our appointment on 2/9.
Thursday 2/9 was a key date in that we were able to kick off our newest treatment regimen – Fulvestrant.
Fulvestrant is typically utilized for metastatic breast cancer, however we’re utilizing it “off label” which involved getting some insurance approval first.  Knocking on wood – my insurance has been very good to us.  Fulvestrant is an injection, administered twice the first month, and then monthly afterwards.  It is an ‘anti-estrogen’ medication, which essentially blocks estrogen reception in the body.  Stef’s cancer has been shown to be estrogen positive, meaning if we can cut off supply, we can work to get rid of the cancer.
Stef handled the first pair of injections (first dose injected in two different muscles) very well.
Next – the pain which had been mounting to quite an unbearable level – and Stef typically has had a high threshold.  She has now been prescribed a narcotic level pain med – which really does absolutely knock her out.  She’s able to rest comfortably.  We’re hoping to back off of that in the very near future, which would be an indication that she’s getting relief from the Fulvestrant treatment starting to reduce the size of the tumor causing the discomfort.
As always, thank you to all for your thoughts and prayers!!