Workshop for Kids

Just a little over a year ago Stef’s family and a few friends gathered around a kitchen table to begin to turn the idea of Stef Ripple into a reality. We had many ideas but we definitely knew we wanted to find ways to support the children of ovarian cancer patients. Stefanie’s 3 children were her life and she was so appreciative of all the support and love that they received during her cancer journey.

Stefanie loved taking pictures and making memories so it only seemed obvious that we needed to find a way to bring photography to these children. Stef Ripple teamed up with Nana Sue Photography~Healing Images and held their first workshop this past Sunday.

It was a beautiful day and we know that Stefanie was with us as we walked along a path that she traveled on many times. The children ranged in ages from 8-12 and once you see their pictures I think you will agree that they definitely have an eye for beauty.